Rental Tips

Rental Tips - Don't Make a Precious Mistake!

The biggest mistake you could make when hiring a limousine service is basing your decision solely on the “best price”. This may translate into large risks for you. Do you want to accept the risks?

Risks You Accept When Shopping for the “Best Price”:
  • Your limousine is late, you miss your flight.
  • The company you hire cancels your reservation at the last minute to accept another job from a higher paying assignment.
  • Your limousine does not show up. You miss your meeting.
  • You expect a clean, modern vehicle to arrive at your door. Instead of being transported in style and luxury, you are embarrassed.
  • The chauffeur exercises poor etiquette and bad service with your clients, friends, family.
  • Your limousine gets into an accident and does not have proper insurance to cover the damages involved in your injuries.
  • The company you hire has additional fees (hidden) that were not clearly disclosed.

Denver Executive Limousine recommends the following Rental Tips:

Confirm the vehicle year and type.

Some companies utilize older fleets. You don’t want to be surprised when an out dated vehicle shows up! Denver Executive Limousine utilizes only late model vehicles with a large number of options to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Ask about industry associations.

Companies who belong to industry associations usually must abide by special insurance regulations and service rules. Reputable associations as the National Limousine Association (NLA) and the local livery associations are good indications that your service provider does their due diligence.

Ask about insurance and permits.

Check out the transportation company. Make sure they have the proper insurance and permits. Sometimes, the smallest allowable amounts are not enough to protect you, your friends, and your family!

Your expectations

At Denver Executive Limousine, we have a clear vision in providing the excellence that is sometimes missing in the industry. We are built on the values of accountability, communication, exceptional customer care, and professionalism, offering only the finest vehicles available in the industry.

Denver Executive Limousine is fully insured and licensed to operate in the state of CO. We maintain higher insurance limits than is required by law to better protect our clients. As proud members of the NLA, and better Business Bureau we maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

So don’t make the precious mistake of hiring a company solely based on the “best price”. Let Denver Executive Limousine be your trusted professional chauffeured transportation company.

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